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A Formula You Can Trust

The MR+ formula was created and patented by a team of doctors and scientists from the U.S. Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing; a process that required over 6 years of research.

The initial request for an improved nutritional meal replacement came from a combat controller, who explained to Dr. O’Hara from the USAFSAM team, that mixing several different packets adds hassle to his already demanding job as a special operator and removes his focus from the battlefield. 

“As an Air Force researcher, there’s no greater joy than to have a warfighter reach out directly,” said O’Hara. “After that request, I was excited to come back to the lab and really dig in—I wanted to see what was already out there and if we could help develop something better for these guys.”

Soldiers from Special Operation Units are often exposed to hot climates and harsh environments that increase the likelihood of dehydration. Food can become limited to only what the soldiers can carry in their packs. This supplement powder was created to replace an entire MRE, as well as other electrolyte and energy supplements that are often carried during a sustained operation. 


The formula was created to effectively lighten the warfighter's pack weight, allowing them to carry more ammunition at a single time. It also supports them nutritionally, preventing them from suffering dehydration and maintaining their physical and cognitive performance.

USAFSAM, part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing, is the premier institute for research, education, and worldwide operational consultation in Aerospace and Operational Medicine. USAFSAM has been a leader in the field of aerospace medicine and human performance from the beginnings of aviation through the onset of the space age and into the present, and is the oldest continually operating institution of its kind. The 711 HPW leads the development, integration and delivery of Airman-centric research, education, and consultation enabling the Air Force to achieve responsive and effective global vigilance, global reach, and global power now and in the future.

Mission Critical LLC has been licensed from the United States of America under U.S. patent No. 10,820,617 to bring this product to consumers and is not directly affiliated with USAFSAM nor do we claim that our company has been endorsed by the military.



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