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Fun Facts

Products invented for Military use that you now encounter in everyday life:

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Digital Photo: Digital Photography was developed by the American National Reconnaissance Office, marking a huge step forward in Cold War surveillance in 1976. Smile and take a selfie!


Microwave oven: A military defense contractor discovered microwave technology in 1954. It was used as a radar to help locate enemies during World War II. It was then repurposed to heat food.


GPS: In 1964, the Department of Defense wanted to transmit locational data to U.S. submarines and private boats. We now can find our way around anytime of day or night.


Super Glue: The original super glue was technically discovered in 1942 by the U.S. Army.


Duct tape: Johnson & Johnson had created a tape for infantrymen in WWII. What was originally named in homage to the small water fowl, then became known as a good wrap for air ducts!

Frozen Juice

Juice Concentrate: In 1943, frozen juice concentrate that could be sent to U.S. soldiers overseas was invented. Three years later Minute Maid began selling frozen juice products commercially.

Mission Critical

In 2014, the US Military needed a better way to support its Special Ops soldiers nutritionally during long engagements.  Today, MR+ has been repurposed for hikers, campers, bikers, athletes, YOU. It is the only meal replacing, hydrating, and energy boosting super-powder of its kind.

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