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Invented by the Military.

Made for you.

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Add MR+ powder into water source


Shake well


Drink up and get it done

The 3-in-1 Super-Powder for Body & Mind

Licensed from the United States of America under U.S. patent No. 10,820,617

Weight Lifter

Advanced Fuel for

Muscle & Body

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BCAAs and hydrolyzed whey protein. 

25+ essential vitamins & minerals.

​​Patented Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) accelerators designed to boost muscle growth and muscle recovery.*

Insulin action enhancers to increase amino acid uptake,  providing fuel for working muscles.*

Embedded enzyme technology that targets the release of leucine peptides for better absorption.*

Amylopectin Chromium complex that helps reduce body fat mass and improve lean body mass (with regular diet and exercise)*

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Electrolyte based formula​

*Promotes complete hydration

Packed with clean sources of electrolytes, such as: 

​- Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and more.​

Sample studies conducted on senior level Special Operators resulted in improved urine color and urine frequency when compared to water alone. 

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Energy Boosting

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Elevated energy: Without crashes, without jitters, without habituation*

Improved perceivable focus and concentration*

Made with Theacrine: a natural purine alkaloid found in the Brazilian Cupuaçu fruit.

More than a supplement, this is the ultimate super-powder for body and mind. The U.S. Patented formula was invented by a team of doctors and scientists from the US Air Force and designed for the Special Ops. Learn more about the nutrition and testing by clicking below:

A Formula You Can Trust

The MR+ formula was created and patented by a team of doctors and scientists from the U.S. Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing; a process that required over 6 years of research. The only patented supplement powder of its kind. Click below to learn more about the amazing backstory:

What does the formula's lead scientist do in his personal time? Run ultra-marathons, of course. See why.

Mountain Biking by the Lake
Formula you can trust
Additional Benefits


One daily serving of MR+ has everything you need. It can replace a freeze-dried meal, electrolyte tablets, energy shots, and more. Lighten your load without lightening your nutrients.


No refrigerator? No problem. MR+ maintains its full nutritional value even in harsh conditions. It can stay in your water pack without spoiling for up to 2 weeks.


Less trash and less meal-prepping. This powder makes it all happen in your water.


MR+ leaves you feeling fully satisfied because of its high-calorie and nutrient dense formula, effectively replacing an entire meal.

World's First Hydration Pack Meal

MR+ is a perfect addition to your hydration pack. Even after dissolving, MR+ does not increase the water's thickness and it stable for two weeks; regardless of the temperature outside.

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